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Why Choose B-town Orthodontics?

We understand you have a choice in your orthodontist. At B-town Orthodontics, our emphasis can be described by four simple words: quality, efficiency, friendliness, and convenience.


The quality of your care and treatment is our utmost concern. Dr. Baron has spent countless hours becoming board certified, which is an optional process only obtained by approximately 30% of orthodontists.



Depending on the study cited, orthodontics may take an average of 20-22 months. At B-town Orthodontics, we try to be better than average. By using careful treatment planning and the latest technologies (see ‘link to treatments’ or see below), Dr. Baron is able to give you the best quality treatment as efficiently as possible. Our average treatment time is 18 months, but the best way to determine your needs is to schedule a free consultation.



Dr. Baron strives to make everyone comfortable at every step in their treatment. Dr. Baron and staff’s reputation for patient rapport is unmatched.



Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Bloomington and we are taking new patients now!

Digital Radiology

We offer digital radiography (x-rays), which allows us to get the best possible pictures with minimal invasion and less radiation exposure than film radiographs. These pictures are instantly accessible on-screen without the need to wait for development.

State of the art technology


3D Imaging

A remarkable new technology, 3D imaging generates a virtual replica of the bones of the face and teeth. The best part? It’s fast and painless, providing the most information with the least inconvenience to our patients!



Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are small appliances that can be used to help facilitate the movement of teeth. TAD’s are not always used in treatment, but when needed, they can actually reduce treatment time and the need for surgery. Dr. Baron has had extensive training with TADs and can place them himself without the need for a referral.



Soft Tissue Laser

With soft tissue lasers, Dr. Baron can access teeth that may be hidden under the gums. Like TADs, Dr. Baron has had extensive training with soft tissue lasers, and he can use them without the need for a referral.

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