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Did you know Dr. Baron is a published author? 

Be sure to check out these two books both written by Dr. Baron! 

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Braces are fun and exciting. You can get them yourself and see. Before you do, join Emma as she learns from A to Z!


In this rhyming ABC book about braces, you will find an orthodontics-related word for every letter of the alphabet!


Want to know why an orthodontist looks at certain x-rays? To review growth! How many times should you brush your teeth? What does "gingiva" mean? You'll have to read to find out! 

This book is excellent for kids, dental offices and parents wanting to educate their kids on the importance of dental health!

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The F4ith of July is a unique way to explain why Americans celebrate the Fourth of July ... and how faith played a role in founding of the United States of America! The colorful illustrations and rhymes are sure to entertain readers of all ages. And do you have what it takes to find a hidden Liberty Bell on each page?


Papa Eagle flies our fledgling eagle to Plymouth Rock and unravels the origins of our country, including faith's role in the historic event. From the Mayflower to King George calling it "quits," this is a great way to introduce a young child to the reasons we celebrate our Independence Day!

Featured on Fox59 News

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